Crucial Geostrategic Concepts towards Achieving Strategic Harmony amongst OIC Countries

The current era is witnessing serious geopolitical changes during the Arab spring and its waves in the Arab countries specifically. This geopolitics change is reflecting serious geostrategic changes on the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) as well, which causes serious impacts on all OIC internally and externally. Under the forum theme “Unity in diversity: Source of power”, the paper introduces some crucial geostrategic concepts to develop common national and regional understanding in order to avoid geostrategic confrontation, and to exploit the strategic opportunities. The paper calls for geostrategic interests’ integration management, and for reaching the point of geostrategic equilibrium so as to start developing, what is called by the writer, geostrategic regional initiatives. This paper will propose crucial strategic imperatives within the context of the complex dynamic of the Arab spring’s transitional period and its impact on the region in order to support the unity of the OIC countries in this dilemma.

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Changing in the Middle East

No doubt that the Middle East Arab countries are witnessing not only substantial changes but revolutionary ones after high oppression levels, poverty, exclusion of others, and the security-based regimes that have made winds of change inevitable.

The changing process in the region is not separated from the surroundings and its external context. No doubt that the neighborhood countries are being and going to be influenced directly. It is very essential for the actors interested in the region to develop appropriate polices and strategies in order to maintain not only the stability in the region but also their strategic interests in this region. Furthermore, it is their duty to participate in spreading freedom and dignity after decades of oppression and humiliation.