Democracy for sale

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Democracy is the Western slogan regarding free elections, freedom of speech and belief, human rights… Etc. certainly, it is a very valuable slogan and it is needed everywhere. That does not mean other nations do not have such values, but due to the power of the United States and Europe, these values are more effective globally.  However, in reality, it is something different when it comes to Western principles and interests. Very fast, these Western principles are sent back behind their interests and many justifications appear to justify principles neglecting.

In Algeria, the West did not accept the free Municipality elections hold in 1990 because the democracy introduced Islamic individuals or what is known today by the term “political Islam”.  Again, in Palestine in 2006 the free elections introduced Hamas and again was refused by the West. In Libya, the West, in general, stands against the people well by supporting Hifter the American citizen who bombs Tripoli by Western weapons. In Iraq, the elected Prime Minister Iyad Alawi, a secular politician, was forced to step down to satisfy local alliances in 2014. Against the Western’s values, the West sells weapons and ammunition to kill civilians in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Palestine. The West supported the military coup against the only elected president in the history of Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Morsi, since the Days of Pharaohs. Unfortunately, some Western powerful figures and politicians are ready to trade off their principles with lobbyists groups for money or for some interests.

On the other hand, we raise the hat for the Western intellectuals and philosophers who developed the concept of democracy, and we highly appreciate all Western individuals, groups, and organizations who exert their effort and sacrifice to convey aids, education, and medical and social help to all needy people all over the world. Definitely, all those Western people and entities who stand up for freedom and real democracy deserve all respects and appreciation since democracy is not for selected nations; it is for all. However, we should beware of Western democracy sellers and hypocrites.